Dr. Manhattan - Duality


I wanted this track to be as heavy as it could. The original is already awesome, so I tried to keep the fast metal feel, adding a lot of drum fills, guitar licks and noises and stuff. I also wanted to create some different pace to the track, so I could bring an insane solo and some cool effects as well. As for the ending part, I just put the main intro riff into a different harmony to, once again, bring a change of pace and set the ending into some kind of epic feel. Notice that the delay tail kinda sounds like that dying noise from the game. :) This is a heavy, head-banging track, for sure! It is full of heavy guitar riffs, heavy drums and insane fills, killer solos and an epic ending theme. Pay attention to the long delay feedback at the very ending. It kinda sounds like that dying noise from the games! :D