Gario - Repliforce's Honor


I've always been confused about Mega Man X4's plotline - there's a peaceful breakaway within the reploid ranks since humans have obviously shown an immediate distrust over them for no reason whatsoever. It was not going to hurt anyone (the General explicitly stated they were not going to harm their human creators). The hunters get upset and proceed to destroy their entire ranks, and a war erupts. They were not evil, their intentions were understandable.

This song represents the honor that the Repliforce had, and what they were willing to sacrifice for the sake of freedom. This track shows the ambiguity of Zero's choice to end the rebellion. Either that or it's a trance track that frequently rips popularly poor dialogue from the game, from Zero's iconic "What am I fighting foooorrrraaaargh?!" to the General's "I have nnnnnnno choice!"

This is my first step into the realm of real trance, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It can get a little overly chiptune-ish, from time to time, but I suspect it's a decent effort. Trance or not, the track was a blast to make, and I have no regrets over this track. Whether you hear it as a symbol of honor or a quirky trance track, I hope everyone enjoys it.