BONKERS - Zero and the Plight of Iris


This song was development hell. This started off as 2 separate ideas from the same song [see my YouTube account, and my Box account (*PLEASE, PLEASE IGNORE THE VOCALS, LOL, I made this in literally 5 minutes*)]: 1) an experiment of writing music based on a motif from Zero's theme, and 2) make an awesomely cheesy 80's style rock/synth song with a vocal melody.

The first went off without a hitch, but I could never get the arrangement down satisfactory to make the vocals work. So, I went back and forth and back and forth from sheet music to completely re-recording all tracks 3 or 4 times.

The end result is what happened. Lotta people may not like MAH VERB. But I think it turned out OK for all the problems it gave me (like cutting up the original voice work from a YouTube video and making it work).

I hope you all can enjoy it.