Metal Man - 10 Minutes of Hypothermia


This is my first time in a project and I wanted to make something decent. I ended up with a 10 minute medley. I had fun doing it, the other artists and people working around the album were very cool, and I withdrew something from it. I've spent countless hours writing, recording and mixing to get something even. I also made a lot of mistakes production-wise and it's cool, because I've learned a lot. Since this is not a subjective project, I preferred to have someone involved in OC ReMix level the final mastering to aim for a certain OC ReMix standard. Sixto did it and made this song a new "Warrior of the Loudness War."

I'll let you skim through the song, but here's a few of my inspirations you may feel in this song: "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater and "Fallen" by Symphony X (Hint: Both concern the drums during the Chill Penguin intro). For the main guitar solos, they were just an approach of my own. During the last keyboard solo, you can hear a Jordan Rudess ripoff during a bar from "Scene to a Memory." That guy is a musical genius and I've put a wink in there that only a true fan will notice. Other than that, Mega Man X1 is THE game I've played the most from 1993 to 2011 and I always like to play it from time to time, for it is now legendary and still fun every time.