Chuck Dietz - A Flea and His Giant


I chose this song, because it's a great rock song, and I saw a lot of potential adding authentic guitars. Drums, bass, and synth were programmed after transposing the piece by ear. I wasn't sure about what many of the original synth instruments were, so I used various synth effects to mimic the horn/string lead and add ambience to the acoustic and rhythmically open parts.

I kept the very opening of the piece close to the original, then broke out into an acoustic section to add dynamics to the song as well as throw off listeners who are used to the original tune. Chords were arpeggiated and altered to give the guitars an "open string" sound. I also added many slurs to the lead line to make it jazzy.

The main theme and the next part follow the original. The bass line is slightly altered to make it more interesting. Soon after the first guitar lead line, the lead is harmonized with another guitar that accentuates a lower harmony that the horn from the original track plays. When the main theme is played again, the lead is played by guitar, and the rhythm guitars/drums are altered for slightly more intensity/interest.

The second "open rhythm" part of the song was transformed into a breakdown and a place for me to do a fully original solo. The beginning of the solo was based off of X's intro stage in Mega Man X4, and my note choice gave it a completely different feel. Both the solo and rhythm sections continue to build in intensity until the climax is reached with fast guitars, heavy drums, and sweep-picked guitar leads.

I broke the climax with a brief return to the main theme acoustically, then returned to the full instrument theme. Another (my own) harmonized guitar part was added near the end of this part. The track closes with a slow version of the opening theme. The melody is played harmonizing octave in order to make this part sound huge and emphasize the big close of the song.