Cyril the Wolf, Brandon Snell - Crushing Gravity


Cyril the Wolf: Arrangement, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Brandon Snell: Power Vocals


Cyril the Wolf: Around the time I arranged this, I was hugely influenced by the band Killswitch Engage, particularly the songs "My Last Serenade" and "Rose of Sharyn." You don't have to look too deeply to hear the influence. The verse riffing is completely original, mostly to give form to the song. This gave me a chance to exercise all areas of my voice: deep metal growls, falsetto, clean singing (it's gotten better), and, of course, screaming. Since I couldn't (still can't... mostly) sing as high as I wanted for the arrangment, my good friend Brandon Snell once again provided the assist for the epically high power vocals at the end.


Gravity Beetle:

I was not built for war
My drive is now to kill more and more
Humans are weak, destroy them all
You call me a maverick, but you will fall

Give me your life
Now, go run
I will drag you in

With my power, I will crush you
In an never ending abyss
X, you're on the wrong side of this one
Now, come to darkness


I don't want to fight
Precious is life
To reploids and humans alike...

Gravity Beetle:

Your ideals fail you
You ancient machine
You were the first
But here, I am king

Come to your doom
Your own body is your killer
Come to my room
And feel the pain of the pressure


I don't want to fight
Precious is life
To reploids and humans alike...
But you give me no choice
And with a heavy heart
I will destroy you now
For peace...

X & Gravity Beetle:

You'll be blown away
(Destroy, just destroy)
Last words you'll say
(Survive, just survive)
Now you will be known
(Please, no, don't)
As another mindless drone

Gravity Beetle:

X... thank you for stopping the terror I had become...
Take my power and destroy the other generals...
The doctor was good before he was infected...
It's not his fault, X... it's not his fault...