BONKERS - I Am the One Who Designed and Built Mega Man X


Ah, Dr. Light's theme, an incredibly memorable set of tunes for anyone who has played the games. The mysterious and sometimes very ominous. When arranging these 2 versions of the tunes, I had these distinct ideas I could hear in my head, but I couldn't quite make everything out. So, I'd go for long walks without even really paying much attention to where I was going (a.k.a. autopilot) to toss ideas around. I eventually heard everything clearly and did a couple concept versions and decided that I wanted to take a distinctive progressive rock-ish/metal/ambient/synth approach. So, I wrote sheet music for most of it and came up with ideas to make it work as a song considering the simple nature of the original melodies, i.e. keeping the melody or playing it in a different rhythmic style (note that 90% of the song is all from the original 2 melodies) while changing the chord progression. It was a labor of love and is quite different than most stuff of this nature, so I hope that at least person can listen to this and hear "Whoah, this is the Dr. Light theme!" immediately and enjoy it!