Avaris, Level 99 - SparkPlugs


Avaris: Arrangement

Level 99: Guitar


Avaris: I was listening to The Prodigy a lot during the creation of this song. The song takes the collage approach to composing several different layers and sounds and then exporting them to WAV files. I had to approach the source material in some creative way in order to keep the repetition fresh throughout the song. My personal favorite parts are the SGX-style bassline, Stevo's guitars, and the string breakdown which is similar to the main theme with some notes moved around different octaves. I destructively edited and mangled lots of audio material and Stevo's guitar wankery to come up with this remix. It was a fun approach to making a song rather than traditionally sequencing or recording everything. The synths are a combination of Reason and Korg Legacy. Thanks for listening!