k-wix - Spin Gator


This track exists because of Bahamut. Back when I started Mega Man 9, he was kinda unofficially at my side, offering support, advice, and even feedback when I needed it -- I really felt like he helped a great deal, and so I felt compelled to help him out in some way. I went right for Maverick Rising because I knew it was a source that I loved, and figured an extra track on this massive project would be a welcome addition.

"Spin Gator" was completed in less then a week -- for someone like me who procastinates and generally works at a slower pace, this is very fast. One of my favorites from X2, I absolutely loved the opening riff and decided to use that as the focal point from the mix and build off of that, extending and playing with the main lead throughout the song. Hope you guys dig it.