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About the Album

In 1993, Mega Man came to 16-bit for the first time, and with it some of the most ambitious and successful video game music on the SNES. The series carried on over the years and across several platforms, and the fantastic soundtracks prevailed alongside. OverClocked ReMix finally celebrates and pays homage to the series and its cutting edge soundtrack with their 33rd album project, Maverick Rising. With 5 discs loaded with heart-pounding, controller-gripping tracks, this album is sure to make anybody who's ever had contact with the Mega Man X series of games brim with joy. Download the album and become part of this incredible project today!


  • Director: Bahamut
  • Assistant Director: Level 99
  • Website/Trailer: Drew Gourley
  • Assistant Director: Emunator
  • Album Art: Dominic Ninmark
  • Trailer: José the Bronx Rican


This album is freely available online and is not being distributed for profit. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the developers or publishers that have produced the referenced titles.

This album's goal is to help promote video game music, the original composers, and the talented artists that contributed to this project. We encourage you to enjoy this music and share it freely while complying with the terms of the OverClocked ReMix Content Policy.

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